Munro Maps

Sir Hugh Munro, a founding member of the Scottish Mountaineering Club was the first to publicly catalogue Scottish Mountains over 3000 feet.

Before the publication of Munro's Tables there was uncertainty about the number of +3,000 ft peaks in Scotland, with estimates ranging from 30 to over 300. Sir Hugh Munro's original list, published in the Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal in September 1891, listed 538 summits over 3000 feet, of which 283 were regarded as "separate mountains"; the term Munro applies to these separate mountains, there are also tops, where the prominence of the peak is less than 500 feet (152.4m).

Sadly, Munro was killed in the trenches, on the Western Front in 1914 with all but one of the Munro peaks climbed - The Inaccessible Pinnacle.

Below is a list of Munro Maps, each one links through to a page where you can see the maps which have a particular Munro on them.

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